We desire to make an impact on winning the lost for Christ, to produce a multitude of servants to send into the Mission Field, and to be obedient to God’s commands. It is our desire to extend the horizon of the missions ministry opportunities for the church as a whole and for groups or individuals.

Our goals are

  • to support Missions programs around the world to impact unreached souls.
  • to seek existing ministries that are effectively winning the lost for Christ.
  • to find ministries that are involved in teaching and to equip them for works of service.
  • to train, equip, send and support Missionaries from The City Church for the work they have been called by God to do.

Upcoming Trips

Argentina 2016

   October 17th – 27th, 2016

Kurdistan, Northern Iraq 2016

   November 8th – 18th, 2016

China 2017

   January 3rd – 13th, 2017

Ethiopia 2017

   February 6th – 14th, 2017

Egypt 2017

   February 15th – 23rd, 2017

Israel 2017

   March 17th – 25th, 2017

Argentina 2017

   May 22nd, 2017 – June 1st, 2017

Indonesia 2017

   June 9th – 19th, 2017

Romania/Moldova 2017

   July 18th – 28th, 2017

France 2017

   October 10th – 20th, 2017

  Facts:  Economic Superpower. With a population of 1.3 billion people, China is the largest country on Earth. There is an unprecedented hunger for Christ in the hearts of the Chinese people. There are many opportunities to openly share Christ in spite of the limits on religious freedom.

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For more information on our Missions Ministry, or to learn more about getting involved please contact us at:
Phone: 585 343 6895
Email: support@thecitychurch.com