In the book of Judges , Israel faced a catastrophe among its people. The Bible says in Judges 2:10, “…another generation grew up who neither knew the Lord nor what he had done….” It was because of this that Israel faced great trials and tribulations.

You see, it’s so important to teach our children who The Lord is and what He has done for us. The Bible shows us in Judges what happens when we don’t.

This week, the leadership of both our children’s ministry (BIG Kids) along with our youth department (T.A.G. Youth) have come together to learn and discover how to more effectively teach our children and our youth the compelling truths of Jesus Christ. We have begun to put in place an entire “student ministry” where our children’s and youth ministry are congruent with one another. This will help us pinpoint and develop your children’s Biblical training needs based on what we teach, when, how and how in depth.

It’s no secret that in order to teach and equip our children, help and assistance is needed. We literally just don’t have enough people to help during the children’s service. Again, plainly said, we do not have enough consistent Sunday school (BIG Kids) helpers moving forward in our mission to teach and equip our children.

We have discovered and learned that some of the ways in which we have asked and received help from volunteers have not been totally constructive in the past. In our realization, we have committed to designing a specific volunteer platform in which every pre-approved individual can become an important part of our children’s Biblical training process.

It is my goal to continue to enable The City Church to be a leading educator in the lives of each one of our children, but in order for that to happen we must gain your help. We need your help to continue to be innovative in our children’s program, so we’re not limited in our capacity for creativity.

We are not asking you to help every week. We have discovered that wasn’t a productive appropriation of volunteer time. We understand that your spiritual health must be in tune for you to be able to teach your children during the six days they are not with us.

We also understand that some of you are more gifted in certain areas – we want to highlight those talents and use them productively. Going along the same lines, we understand that even if you do not have children, but feel called to help in children’s ministry, you also want to be in service as much as possible. For this reason, we have come up with a way for you to be involved without feeling “stuck”.

If you have volunteered in the past and have felt rejected, not needed or confused, please give us another chance. We’re sorry for your experience. If you are a parent and feel that you are not needed as a volunteer, I am here to tell you that you are needed.

Just as each of us go through life experiences where we learn and grow, so do we. I am so excited on where the children’s ministry is headed and even more excited that you will consider being an important asset in helping us train the next generation.

We need your help right NOW. We are in need of your assistance today. Please, click the button below, leave us your information and allow us to make you a part of one of the greatest teams you will ever have the opportunity to be involved with. Stick with us, help us and believe in us.

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