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I am always aware of the fact that today is such a gift to each of us and it’s so important how we use it. It’s equally important to us as individuals who or what we allow into our daily lives. I’m reminded that the use of my time and the people within that time, have an incredible influence on what my tomorrow will bring. I meet so many people that are stuck in their yesterday. They are stuck not only in their yesterday, but also with the people that make up their yesterday. Now that MAY be good or bad, but the fact is, it’s gone. Yesterday is gone, never to come back again! God has given you and I TODAY to use as it should be, to help shape our tomorrows and to seize each and every opportunity that he has placed in our way to help us grow as Christians, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, as a friend, co-worker, etc… We have to choose individuals that will build us up and impart life and health into everything that we do. People that aren’t afraid to tell you when your wrong about something. People who can stand up according to God’s word and sow a seed of Godly wisdom in your life.

I’m reminded of the movie Indiana Jones. In it, the characters have to make a split decision that will affect their future and everything is has to offer. Their asked to choose between two things; one that looks promising on the outside, and one that looks not so promising. Now I wont take the fun out of it for the people that haven’t seen the movie! But those of you that have can audibly hear the voice murmuring, “Choose wisely….”

How about you? Who or what are you inviting into your life today that will make a positive impact on your tomorrow? Again, I reiterate what our friend in Indiana Jones says… choose wisely….