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So I’m 37,000 feet in the air, flying home from saying goodbye to a great man and special friend, Pastor Leo Godzich who went to be with the lord this last week. Yes, I’m writing you from a plane, coming back from Phoenix Az., just reminiscing on the last 72hrs.

I have known of Leo for nearly 15 years and probably have only gotten to know him personally in the last 7 or 8 years. Leo was one of a kind, which lived his life the way many only dream of living. He had come from an incredible heritage and could tell you about it in great detail. But even beyond this, he embodied a life that I feel will have an effect for not only years, but also generations.

Some great lessons I learned and that were confirmed to me in the last 72hours:

1. Serve God with passion and you will experience abundant life in every way. Leo’s life personally, relationally, and Kingdom wise, was dynamic only because of one thing, he served his generation well.

2. Working hard does not mean you can’t have a great family. I think Leo was one of the hardest working men I ever met and yet the theme at his memorial was how he loved his family and how THEY loved him.

3. Have great faith in God while living. Why call ourselves Christians and not be passionate about Him? I want to step out more and believe that He can do anything!

4. Live for Christ to the end. Leo had just finished preaching to 7,000 people and then laid his hands on and prayed for 1,000 couples. Imparting into their lives, calling things that were not as though they were. Believing for them when they had lost hope. Isn’t that what we are called to? And one hour later, he was standing before the Lord. I am sure he heard “well done my good and faithful servant, enter into My joy.”

5. Love your family so they don’t have to lie at your funeral. As a pastor, I have done hundred’s of funerals and have seen the faces of family members that showed all types of emotions. Some are blank, some sad. Then I have had one time where a young man got up and said that he hated his father and did not care that he died. How sad. How hurtful. But not Leo’s girls, they stood with confidence and faith declaring their deep love for their Daddy and the love they knew he had for them. Man, I want that.

6. I cannot leave this out. Leo loved his Pastor. Pastor Tommy Barnett. And he would always tell him and anyone else he knew how much he loved his pastor and how he would stay with him, serve him, till the end. While Pastor Tommy was sharing this last night he wondered why God would take Leo, a younger man, instead of him. I had a thought… I believe that Leo loved his Pastor so much that maybe he wanted to be in heaven ahead of him to care and comfort him when he comes. Just a thought.

7. Can’t end on a 6! Leo helped people that others would shun. That is what I want to be like. The Bible says “you who are spiritual restore.” Let us live a life of restoring the broken, never allowing the hurt and failures of people define what they were never intended to be!

Love to you!