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Impact: The striking of one thing against another; forceful contact; influence; effect, the force exerted by a new idea, concept.

We often here the word impact in a sentence that pertains to something that we have experienced or someone that we meet; “That experience made a big impact on me.” Or “I was really impacted by that person!” Or it may be an event or a new idea. I can say that this last weekend’s services with Gregg Johnson had an impact on me. It made me aware of so many things that I may have simply either overlooked or for sure taken for granted.

Like the knowledge of our “tweens.” That group of kids that is between 10-12 years old who are “older younger.” To quote Gregg, they are the most sought after, dynamic avenue to increasing revenue for virtually every industry.

Jesus spoke 7 powerful words when He was 12. He said, “I must be about My Fathers business.” I think there is such power in this statement.

After sitting through the service I thought to myself “At 55 years of age, could I have a better focus to my life?” I mean really? Isn’t that where true fulfillment is found in doing what my Father has created me to do? I certainly believe that it is. And I believe it is for you as well. Our culture lends itself to a “me and mine” attitude that in the end, leads to emptiness and profound disappointment. When I am serving the Lord and doing His business, I am the most fulfilled.

I truly believe that after this weeks “Impact” that many lives will never be the same. Seeing the children weeping and seeking the Lord is an image that will impassion me for a long time.

How about you? Are you even lending yourself to have that kind of an impact on your life? Or has the “business” of this world and the entrapments of things created a level of insulation that has kept you from the 7 words that Jesus said at 12?

I must be about My Fathers business.